Promotion of 3LHD's book in Zagreb Architects Association

29. January 2008

Promotion of the book Bale Shoreline - Spatial Planning Development Study will be held on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 at 8 pm in Zagreb Architects Association, Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 3/I.
The Study of Bale shoreline is the result of collaboration between the Bale municipality, Association of citizens Mon Perin, studio 3LHD and experts in tourism, protection of cultural heritage, marketing and finances. The goal of this book is to inform the interested parties (general public, expert interest groups, future investors and visitors) about the Bale municipality. The book is divided into three parts:
About Istria
Development strategy of the Bale municipality 
Development of Bale shoreline
The book provides detailed information about Istria and emphasizes its tourist potential. In particular it highlights the considerable potential of Bale municipality for development of the selective type of tourism that targets the more demanding visitors, as this part of Istria is characterized by beautiful nature as well as rich cultural heritage.
With a team of experts, 3LHD prepared this spatial planning study and offered a new concept of a tourist product, prepared an investment estimate as well as the feasibility study of tourist projects on Bale shoreline.