A bronze medal for Sports Hall Bale on IOC/IAKS Award 2009

28. October 2009

The presentation of the IOC/IAKS Award and the IPC/IAKS Distinction will take place at the official opening of the 21st IAKS Congress in Cologne on 28th October 2009. 3LHD?s Sports Hall Bale is one of the Bronze medal winners for international sports facilities.
International Olympic Committee, The International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities and The  International Paralympics Committee (IPC) award the IOC/IAKS Award biannually to the best architectural realizations in sports and leisure facilities, and the IOC/IAKS distinction to the projects specially adapted for athletes and spectators with disabilities.
In the 20 year long tradition of IOC / IAKS awards, this year they received a record number of applications, 117 architectural realisations from 26 countries. 7 projects have been awarded with Gold, 9 with Silver and 8 with Bronze Medals. Another 4 projects received the Special Distinction, while the IPC/IAKS Distinction was awarded to 10 from 54 entries.



Sportska dvorana Bale