Hotel Argentina


42°38'25'' N
18°7'16'' E
Frana Supila 14

The renovation project of Grand Villa Argentina is deeply rooted in the tradition and landscape that surrounds this location. Inspired by the rich cultural and historical heritage of Dubrovnik, the architectural values of existing structures, and the natural beauty of the Adriatic coast, Grand Villa Argentina will be a unique and harmonious retreat that blends the old and the new. The project is situated in a dense urban structure, but its proximity to Dubrovnik Old Town, unique surroundings, and breathtaking views of Lokrum Island make it an undisputed gem.

The exterior design of the project is marked by a desire for unobtrusive integration into the landscape and existing urban environment. The lower volume of the hotel terraces into the terrain and gardens, while the upper volume, with its design and materials, clearly distinguishes between the old and the new without a desire for dominance in space.

All hotel buildings, Villa Argentina and Villa Orsula, are connected into a unique whole by a common terrace filled with lush Mediterranean greenery. This newly created outdoor space includes a restaurant terrace and an outdoor pool. It represents a blend of architectural and natural elements, and it is a place to enjoy views of the sea, Lokrum Island, and the city walls.

The interior of each building is specific and different, reinterpreting the rich layers of Dubrovnik's history, while accents and playful colors reflect the spirit of the 1970s.

The technically most challenging part of the Villa Argentina building renovation project is the construction of an additional floor below the level of existing foundations to create space for a wellness area connected to the outdoor pool. In collaboration with colleagues working on the construction project, several innovative methods were applied to ensure the static stability of the building during construction.

Special attention has been given to natural and local materials (stone, ceramics, wood). All materials were thoughtfully chosen to seamlessly intertwine with the interior design project.

The use of natural materials respects local heritage, helps integrate the project into its surroundings, and simultaneously reflects a commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly construction practices.

Fact Sheet

Project name

Hotel Argentina

project number



interior, hospitality


under construction


2019 - 2022


2023 -


Croatia, Dubrovnik, Frana Supila 14

Site area

8539 m²


10596 m²


3164 m²


17.65 m




Jadranski luksuzni hoteli

Project Team

Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Paula Kukuljica, Silvije Novak, Mia Andrašević, Vesna Jelušić, Duje Katić, Marta Kolar, Kristina Marković, Tomislav Soldo, Daša Manojlović, Hana Kevilj, Dino Šaruga, Ana Mikelić, Dario Kristić, Aja Zorić, Gita Grah, Antonia Dajak, Bojan Pepeonik, Nikolina Muža, Sofija Vrtarić


Branimir Turčić, Mario Harni


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