YEA! -Young European Architects gathering

20. October 2004

From 21 to 25 October 2004 Rotterdam will be the venue for the gathering of young European architects YEA! (Young European Architects) of which Studio 3LHD is also a member; Saša Begović will be its representative at that gathering. The objective of the organisation is to provide young architects with the opportunity to test their qualities and capacities in the specific European environment.Seminars and lectures, accompanied by the exhibition in the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI), will be concerned with changes in the architectural profession, together with its social, cultural and economic position in the dynamic environments of national and supranational communities. All participants are invited to complete a SWOT analysis questionnaire where they can give answers about how they see themselves and their architectural practice within their local and European contexts and to exchange their creative and business experiences in lectures and workshops. The answers to the questionnaire provide the working material which lists the answers given by the Studio 3LHD as one of the most interesting.The lecturers come from countries where development opportunities for young architects and their impact on the European scene vary. Vicente Guallart (Spain), Kaye Geipel (Germany), André Loeckx (Belgium) and Helena Pavel Njirić (Croatia) will give their perceptions on the circumstances. The moderators of this year?s gathering will be Bart Lootsma from the Netherlands and Shane O?Toole from Ireland.The presentation of the participants? works will last until 20 November in NAI.