Tuning Up - urbanism lecture at the University of Leuven

31. October 2005

Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović and Tanja Grozdanić from the Studio 3LHD joined a group of internationally renowned architects and city planners of younger generation, who presented their work to the students of architecture at the University of Leuven.In the De Molen Auditorium of the Catholic University of Leuven, they presented the 3LHD projects, highlighting the city planning solutions: the project of the Split waterfront, the project of the sports hall and community centre at Zamet, Rijeka, the project of the University complex in Dubrovnik and the spatial study of the Commune of Bale/Valle. In his approach to city planning and zoning, the Studio relies on the "Tuning Up" concept, the principle of defining and purifying the space function, with parallely harmonizing it with the context of "tuning up" and "tuning down" the intensity of the events. The lecture "Tuning Up" is one in the series of lectures organized under the title "Urban Tissue and Landscape Processes" by the Catholic University of Leuven for their students and professors. The lecture was of great interest.