Take One the studio 3LHD in the Blauraum Salon in Hamburg

01. December 2005

In December, the Blauraum salon, café and gallery for architecture and design will host the second independent expedition of the Studio 3LHD, under the title Take One. In their endeavour to show their authenticity which is akin to their everyday work and philosophy close to the generation of architects "under 40", 3LHD decided to make a cross-section of everything taking place in their relatively large studio of 18 people. The staff were given a space of maximum 100 photographs to document specific moments and phases of some concurrent projects. The photographs are grouped by their authors, which makes the exhibition personalized and composed of a patchwork of small scenes from their everyday life, and all the participants in the studio work are entitled to their own personal exhibition within the joint concept. In this sense the exhibition is at the same time both collective and individual, thus reflecting the continuous flow and exchange of people and ideas in the Studio since its foundation in 1994. In the landscape of documented quickly collected pictures intertwine intimacy and organization, the individual characters of the participants, and the system of work in the Studio, one enters the real world of an architectural studio and finds almost forensic traces leading to designs.The visitors are invited to take away one photograph each which appeals to them or is interesting in any other way, so the layout of the exhibition is constantly changing, in gradual, uncontrolled or spontaneous disappearance, and the photographs-picture postcards continue their independent life outside the context where they were taken. This also gives a performance character to the exhibition.Just as the exhibition of 3LHD is self-revealing and told in the ?first person plural?, so does it implicitly reveal some common facts related to contemporary architecture, although it does not literally present architecture. It must be discovered by the viewer and reconstructed through the views, lenses and personalities of the 3LHD members.The exhibition is open until 4 January 2006.