Small Mall presented to public

12. July 2023

Small Mall project was presented to the councilors of the City of Split and representatives of the Manuš district on July 12. The western facade marks the center of the axis that stretches from Pazar through Đardin to the Park Mladeži. The public space/park in front of the building, which is in direct dialogue with the facilities in the basement and ground floor, is the most valuable part of this project. The facade was created as a contemporary interpretation of the classic Mediterranean loggia with a closed and open part that forms a dynamic membrane on which the sun refracts at different angles and forms a deep shadow. The compact volume of this multipurpose building consists of: an underground public garage with more than 500 parking spaces, commercial and business premises with accompanying service facilities, and a 5* hotel with 72 accommodation units, wellness and a mini congress center. The top, recessed floor is the public part of the hotel with a restaurant, bar and outdoor swimming pool integrated into a lavish Mediterranean roof garden.