Riva - The Split Waterfront in New York exhibition

09. September 2006

The New Split Waterfront design by the Studio 3LHD was exhibited among 70 world designs at the major exhibition "The Good Life: New Public Spaces for Recreation" in New York.
The exhibition "THE GOOD LIFE - NEW PUBLIC SPACES FOR RECREATION" was opened in New York on Thursday, September 7, 2006. Studio 3LHD was invited by the Van Alen Institute from New York to participate with its design for the Split waterfront. This work was included in the 70 outstanding architectural designs from all over the world, which, according to Zoë Ryan, Senior curator of the Institute and the exhibition curator, re-define public urban space for the 21st century. Having introduced themselves at the OPEN exhibition in 2003 with their design and realisation of the Memorial Bridge in Rijeka, the architects from 3LHD received again the invitation from one of the world?s most respectable institutions to present their work. This is how the city of Split with its paradigmatic space ranked with cities like Barcelona, London, New York and Rio de Janeiro, and the studio architects with the most renowned colleagues from all over the world.The exhibition deals with the reinvention of urban public spaces, meeting the requirement of leisure time and recreation and will present how the most popular paradigms of free time in the 21st century - recreation, entertainment, education and relaxation - are converted in everyday physical reality of the built environment. Seventy new designs from all over the world will also present selected outstanding architects, landscape designers and multi-disciplinary artists.A diverse design group studies five main topics - Entertainment city, Health city, 24-hour city, Well-connected city, and Culture city, showing how such spaces play a major role in raising the quality of daily life and or the urban regeneration. The exhibition will display significant already built structures, minor interventions and public works of art, both by well-known and by promising architects, designers, and artists. Together with 3LHD, among the other participants there are Abalos&Herreros, Studio Acconci, David Adjaye, Diller Scofidio + Zenfro, Martha Schwartz, Shop Architects, West 8, Stan Allen Architects and others. Apart from the Split waterfront, among other designs are also the New York Highline and the London Idea Store, the South African SOMOHO (Soweto Mountain of Hope), the Manguinhos complex from Rio de Janeiro.