PUBLIC INTERVIEW 1:1 discussions about architecture

09. October 2007

The program of discussions about architecture PUBLIC INTERVIEW 1:1 begins tonight, Tuesday October 9 at 8 pm at the Zagreb Architects Association with special guest Marijan Hržić, PhD, B. Sc. in architecture and the interview's moderator Saša Begović, B. Sc. in architecture, who is a 3LHD partner.
The opening series of PUBLIC DIALOGUE will host prominent Croatian architects such as Nikola Filipović, Bogdan Budimirov, Boris Duplančić and Ante Rožić who, through dialogues with the moderator and the audience, will express their opinions and talk about professional experiences in the areas of urban architectural theory and praxis.
The dialogue will be an open debate between the guest, the moderator and the audience and should enable an exchange of opinions between architecture experts, which in a form of a cultural interview raises awareness about contemporary architectural topics - the relationship between architecture and technology, lodging issues, problems and specific phenomena in regards to continental and coastal tourism, the relationships between artistic concepts, design and architecture, education and architecture, architectural trends and politics, etc.