Presentation of the book A Peripheral Moment

22. December 2010

A presentation of Ivan Rupnik's book A Peripheral Moment is being held on December 22nd at bar Kota (Medulićeva 20), starting at 08:00PM. The book, published by Actar Publishers presents a highly productive decade of architectural experimentation in Croatia. The author takes the reader through the phenomenon of a fascinating architectural scene, using the theory of the periphery by Ljubo Karaman, the concept of architectural experimentation by Manfred Tafuri, as well as contemporary notions of an agency. The account is framed using a variety of different lenses, including the observations of this moment by renowned writers, through the atmosphere of the period as defined by Croatia's complex post-socialist/postwar identity and the subsequent positioning of the architectural profession vis-a-vis that context, the practices that emerged, and through a series of discussions with some of the peripheral moment's primary agent provocateurs: 3LHD, njiric +, Randic - Turato, and STUDIO UP.