New life for Zagreb's Westin

21. October 2020

Zagreb's Westin Hotel is characterized by a rich history, a central city location and fantastic views of the city and Sljeme. Shortly after opening, the Westin became an icon of the city, a skyscraper hotel, a space for celebrating the most important and solemn moments in the lives of the people of Zagreb. As it lost a lot of its charm over time, the main challenge was to make it a desirable city destination again. The project redesigns the rooms, the public part of the hotel, the facade and the environment. The new exciting ambiences at the hotel will be attracting new audiences who will come to the Westin for the best coffee in the bistro, or for a cocktail on top of a skyscraper overlooking the city. In the team with 3LHD are product designers from Grupa, many artists such as Zlatan Vehabović and Kristijan Kožulj, fashion and graphic designers.