Kastav Primary School

27. December 2023

The conceptual design and proposal by 3LHD were selected in the public procurement competition for a new elementary school in Kastav. The school is designed as a branch school for 448 students, allowing for single-shift teaching in accordance with the decision of the Ministry of Science and Education to transition to the concept of an all-day school. The project's implementation is planned based on funding from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan for the period 2021-2026. We are currently working on developing the schematic design.
The project is located in an area with a very specific topography – full of sinkholes characteristic of that region, with an elevation difference of 27m. The overall concept aims to respect the existing context, ensuring the harmonious integration of school buildings into the surroundings. A two-story volume with classrooms, facing south, is connected to the sports hall volume by an underground passage. Above the passage, a public pedestrian path runs east to west. The sports field located on the roof of the hall forms a covered school square/courtyard and defines the main entrance. Accompanying school facilities that form atriums age located in the intermediate space between the school volume and the public passage. One of the key elements is the terraced gardens on the southern part of the plot, which will serve as a space for outdoor school activities.