Construction begins on Hotel Argentina

25. October 2023

The reconstruction works of the Hotel Argentina in Dubrovnik officially started on October 25th. The project is inspired by the rich cultural and historical heritage of Dubrovnik, the architectural values of existing structures, and the natural beauty of the Adriatic coast.
Grand Villa Argentina will be a unique and harmonious sanctuary that bridges the old and the new. The exterior design of the project is characterized by a desire for unobtrusive integration into the landscape and existing urban environment. The interior of each building is distinct and diverse, reinterpreting the rich layers of Dubrovnik's history, while accents and playful colours reflect the spirit of the 1970s.
Special attention has been devoted to the selection of materials. Natural materials such as stone, ceramics, and wood draw upon local heritage, integrating the project into its surroundings, and simultaneously reflecting a commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly construction practices. Read more about the project here