Construction begins on Bus Terminal Žabica

02. December 2023

Today marks the start of construction on the long-awaited Žabica Bus Terminal in Rijeka. Following the removal of the covers from the existing two warehouses, demolition will begin in parallel with the piloting and construction.
It has been over eighteen years since we won the first prize in the competition for the conceptual design of the Žabica Bus Terminal and completed the entire project documentation. The project was reactivated last year when the City Council of Rijeka, following a property sale competition for the construction of the "Žabica Complex," decided to accept the offer from Best in Parking.
The project of the new bus terminal and garage with over 800 parking spaces in Rijeka is one of the initial steps in "conquering" the area of the Rijeka port, which has gradually started opening up to the city.
Inside the building, there will be a bus terminal with 14 platforms, 6 bus parking lots, a public garage for over 800 vehicles, a shopping center with accompanying hospitality and commercial facilities on the ground floor, as well as business and public amenities on higher floors. Read more about the project