Interview with creative minds

12. February 2016

An interview with creative individuals was held in the Museum of Contemporary Art as part of the 3LHD interactions exhibition on February 12th. The theme of the interview were the interactions between architecture, art and design. Moderators were Maroje Mrduljaš and Antun Sevše, and the guest speakers were Vanja Žanko, Igor Eškinja, Nikola Radeljković and Lana Cavar. The catalogue of the exhibition was presented on this occasion. The presenter in the name of the designer team was Damir Bralić. The evening was finished with a presentation of the Inside Hotel Adriatic book. The book shows the life of the hotel as framed by the lenses of two photographers, but is also a kind of a catalogue of the hotel's art collection. The book was presented by Lana Cavar.