Hotel Argentina project development

15. December 2022

The Grand Villa Argentina complex today includes 5 buildings: Villa Argentina, Hotel Argentina, Villa Orsula, Villa Glavić and a garage building. The hotel building was originally built as a private residence in 1913, and very quickly became one of the most prestigious destinations on the Adriatic. The reconstruction project, which is in the construction documents and interior design phase, is based on recognizing the value of the existing buildings on the location. The new Hotel Argentina with two villas - Argentina on the east side and Orsula on the west side forms one functional whole. The upper block of the hotel was conceived as a light pavilion with pronounced horizontal lines, and the lower volume was formed as a solid base terraced into the existing terrain. The rich layers of Dubrovnik's history are reinterpreted in the refined interior, while bold accents and playful colors reflect the freedom and spirit of the 70s of the last century.