Harvard - New Trajectories: Contemporary Architecture in Croatia & Slovenia

07. September 2008

The exhibition New Trajectories: Contemporary Architecture in Croatia & Slovenia is opened from September 8 - October 19, 2008 at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. On display in Gund Hall Gallery are works from 13 offices of new generations of Croatian and Slovenian architects.Over the last ten years, the economies of Croatia and Slovenia "in transition from communist Yugoslavia to capitalist countries" allowed for a flourishing design community to emerge without the pressures of a demanding market. As a result architects have developed exceptional work that is both innovative and charged with the legacy of their own architectural heritage. Regardless of the differences between the two countries and the design practices, these architects can be situated at the core of contemporary architectural production. 3LHD is presented with public space projects such as Memorial Bridge in Rijeka and Riva Split Waterfront, as well as public buildings, Sports Hall Bale and Sports Center Zamet in Rijeka.