From an old cinema to a new theater

26. April 2007

The new theater in Zagreb will be opened in Ilica 90 (former Apolo Cinema) at 12 hours, on Tuesday, March 27. The city of Zagreb gave the chance to a team of young architects from the 3LHD studio to work on cultural projects. The first project was the renovation and conversion of the old Apolo Cinema into a modern theater space in step with the global trends. Therefore, after a long time, Zagreb was enriched by another cultural space, which can measure up to the theaters of the world. The acting troupe of Histrion will use it as their permanent stage, finally finding a home after 30 years. The 3LHD architectural team used the old cinema structure, without touching the outside appearance of the protected building, and created a completely new and (in future, we hope) indispensable cultural spot in Zagreb. In parallel with this project, 3LHD is working on another renovation: the old Lika Cinema is being turned into a new dance center, providing a space for the large dance scene. That project is also expected to end this year, so there will be two new, modern and important cultural spaces in the city center, trying to help Zagreb to be included in the EU list of the European Cities of Culture.