First anniversary of the Karlovac Freshwater Aquarium opening

22. October 2017

The first anniversary of the opening of Karlovac Freshwater Aquarium - Aquatika was celebrated today. Since the opening in October last year, the aquarium was visited by more than 100,000 visitors of all ages, and awarded with many awards and acknowledgments. Aquatika has become a unique and recognizable tourist attraction of Karlovac.
The aquarium building is completely covered with earth and blended into the natural environment by the Korana River. The concept design was inspired by the city's historic defensive earthen walls and mounds. A public square area is defined by the aquarium building surrounding it. The aquarium exhibition displays the flora and fauna of Croatian rivers and their ecosystems, geological history, traditional culture and history of the four rivers of the Karlovac basin.
The exceptional co-operation with the city of Karlovac has resulted in a project that is a positive example of a realization funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The Aquarium is co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund under the "Regional Competitiveness" 2007-2013 Operational Programme. The total value of the project is 36.691.939,28 Kuna's, of which the grant from the European Regional Development Fund is 36,222,282.45 Kuna's.