Exhibition of Croatian Design 1718

12. July 2018

3LHD products Root and BoRoot are among the selected works for the Exhibition of Croatian Design 1718 which will be held from October 25th to November 25th 2018 at the Museum of Arts and Crafts and the Izidor Kršnjavi exhibition hall. A total of 407 professional and 54 student works were enlisted for the tenth edition of the exhibition. The selection committee, consisting of Dejan Dragosavac Ruta, Boris Greiner, Vedran Kasap, Ana Labudović, Mario Lončarić, Nika Pavlinek and Tomislav Mostečak selected a total of 243 works (212 professional and 31 student) to be presented in eight categories: visual communications' design, design in digital media/interaction design, packaging design, industrial/product design, spatial and graphic interventions and systems, fashion and clothing design, complete project/product, concept/initiative/critical design.