EU structural fonds approved for 3LHD project Kaquarium

14. October 2014

3LHD project for tourist and recreational center "Freshwater aquarium - Kaquarium" has been approved the building costs from the EU structural funds. EU regional development fund approved the funding for the 36.7 million HRK worth project of the freshwater fish aquarium and a river museum, which should be the first money from EU structural funds that will come to Croatia. Public procurement tender for the preparation of technical documents will be released next week and the start of construction is expected in April next year. The center should have 12,000 visitors in the first year, and they will have the opportunity to see specimens of 150 living species of freshwater fish from Europe, 40 of which are endemic. The system of the aquariums, pumps and filters is located in a building fully integrated in the environment, with green sloping roofs, and the boundary between the river bank and the construction is non-invasive.