Croatia EXPO 2005 project presentation

03. December 2003

In the Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia was held a presentation of the Croatian project "A Drop of Water - A Grain of Salt" for the world exposition EXPO 2005 to be held in Aichi, Japan.Promotion film of the project was presented, the authors described the Croatian pavilion and said it was divided into two floors and five sections and based on the salt field metaphor, and that visitors would watch a 12 minute presentation in groups.Public presentation of the project will be held in Muzej Mimara, Zagreb in August 2003.Members of the delegation of The National Committee of the Republic of Croatia EXPO 2005, Aichi, Japan were Ivica Maričić, Commissioner and President of the Croatian National Commitee, Dubravko Marić, executive coordinator of the project, Damir Fabijanić, author of the project and photographer, Dalibor Martinis, author of the project, multimedia, and 3LHD architects and authors of the project Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović and Silvije Novak.