Construction of Infobip's Zagreb campus

05. September 2019

Work has begun on the construction site of Infobip's Zagreb campus. The realization is planned for November 2020. In addition to the office spaces, it will also have accommodation units for employees coming from all over the world to Croatia for professional training. The building is shaped by stacking - different functions are placed on top of each other. The office spaces are located on the first three floors, organized around a common atrium in order to optimize communication between employees. All public spaces on the Campus are located on the fourth floor: a rooftop terrace with plenty of greenery, a restaurant and a lecture room. The residential units, located from the 5th to the 7th floors, are grouped in the north, and the sunny, south part of the green roof is intended for sports and recreation. In addition to the green roof, greenery is also present on the office floors facade. It is an organic façade that changes appearance as the seasons change, protecting the building from the sun and defining its visual identity.