A positive opinion on the HIA for hotel Belvedere

27. November 2018

During 2017 and 2018 a Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) for the project of the new hotel Belvedere in Dubrovnik was conducted and submitted to the World Heritage Centre. The Assessment has recently received a review from UNESCO with conclusion that 3LHD's project has a positive effect on World Heritage Property of "Old City of Dubrovnik" and significantly contributes to the improvement of the existing site. The HIA is the first such study made for a single project in the area of Dubrovnik. Belvedere is situated in an exquisite location distinguished by Mediterranean landscape, a steep terrain and urban matrix of the area of Ploče. The soft, terraced structure of the hotel carefully adapts to the topography and landscape. Green roofs contribute to the full integration into the surrounding nature.