3LHD was awarded in the international competition for urban development plan of Duilovo in Split

06. March 2009

On the public international competition for urban development of Duilovo area in Split, 3LHD and Dražen Pejković won the joint 3rd prize along with two other teams.
City of Split as an investor and The Association of Architects Split (DAS) as an organizer announced that the 1. and 2. prize will not be given, but three equal 3rd prizes. Considering the complexity of the intervention the jury proposed a workshop for all three awarded teams to attend and work together on the further development of the project.
Project idea made by 3LHD and Dražen Pejković is to enrich the southern part of Split with urban infrastructure regulation matrix and reaffirm the possibility of merging that part of the city with the shoreline.