3LHD signed the Charter on the decarbonization of buildings

06. June 2022

Organized by the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Property, the sixth Open Dialogue of Partners was held on the topic "Building Renovation Initiative". As part of the Open Dialogue, the joining of new partners continued with the ceremonial signing of the Charter of Cooperation with the aim of decarbonising buildings by 2050. 
The content of the charter refers to achieving energy and climate goals at national and EU level through decarbonisation of the building fund, renovation of buildings and construction of near-zero energy buildings with the aim of further reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing the share of renewable energy sources, improving energy security and innovation and smart technologies that allow buildings to support the overall decarbonisation of the economy. The establishment of the Open Dialogue of Partners and the signing of the Charter aims to create a wide network of connected experts who are ready for a joint dialogue and contribution to the decarbonisation of the building fund by 2050.