2nd place prize for the Bundek Bridge

08. May 2008

At the City of Zagreb's tender for the preliminary design of the Bundek Bridge, the Croatian Society of Structural Engineers awarded the 2nd place prize to a joint project of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Studio 3LHD. Professor Zlatko Šavor and Gordana Hrelja from the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb and architects from 3LHD collaborated on this project. The bridge is 664 meters long and 35 meters wide. The main goal was to design a bridge that, in the wider urban architectural context of the river Sava, would create a new gateway into the city that would be easily recognizable but at the same time have an unobtrusive identity. One of the main elements of this identity is the design of tram tracks which, unlike other bridges, run through the bridge's insides and not on its surface.