Collaboration and talent are 3LHD core values

At our architecture studio, we prioritize collaboration and thrive on team spirit, fostering continuous learning and growth with every project.

Our team
Partner General Manager Business Operations Team Architect - Project Leader Project Team Specialized Architectural Teams

Filip Fot


Koraljka Mandarić

Special projects

Branimir Turčić


Mladena Žarković

Administration and public relations

Aja Zorić

Editor of the material archive, project team associate

Dorian Grbanović

Special projects

Nevenka Annamaria Krželj


Katarina Bešlić

Special projects

Mario Harni


We would like to know more about you

3LHD welcomes applications from architects who have completed their architectural education and who are looking for a new job in an exciting and stimulating environment. For future job applications please apply online.

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