Sv Vid Housing
completed, Rovinj, 2008.

The new residence building No. 50 in Sveti Vid in the city of Rovinj responds to a couple of relevant contextual questions. The context of the Mediterranean, specific climate, the way of life, the contact with open spaces, sun protection, are just some of the themes that had impact on the building design and its function. The local context of the narrow streets (in Croatian kala) of the city of Rovinj is the basic shaping element that turns this building into a specific and original project. The idea was to group residential units around two residential communication vertical voids, interpretation of narrow streets that formally divides the building into three residential parts at the same time interconnected with this element.
Because of the mild Mediterranean climate and possibility of being outside more than six months in a year; the common spaces are open, protected by mash and therefore they are functioning as a green garden for the tenants, as well as an open and covered staircase entrance area into two apartments on each floor. The outside spaces of the residential units change its character on each floor; there are green terraces in the ground floor apartments, on the fist floor the outside space is pulled in and transformed into a deep loggia, and on the last floor it is integrated into the apartment and forms an outside atrium.
There are three types of apartments; lateral and bilateral. Six lateral apartments (three on each side) have a three side orientation which provides the apartment with the quality of a house. All apartments are light and sunny, with spacious living rooms, big bedrooms, a kitchen with dining room, high-quality parquet in all rooms and ceramic tiles in the utility rooms. The apartments are 90 to 100 sqm and have garage parking with direct dry connection with the apartment.
Particularity of the house lies, besides in its emphasized volumes, in the design of all windows and openings. All openings are big and unite windows that can be opened by fixed glass parts. This element is a result of the idea of having one big opening in each room that would provide more light in the apartment and would create specific form of the building. Discreet main volumes of the house are clad in high quality mortar.

PROJECT NAME Sveti Vid Housing


PROGRAM housing

STATUS completed

PROJECT 2006-2006

CONSTRUCTION 2007-2008 , planned

LOCATION Hrvatska, Rovinj, Sveti Vid

SITE AREA 1120 m²


VOLUME 6191 m³




PROJECT TEAM Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Silvije Novak, Ljerka Vučić

PROJECT TEAM COLLABORATORS Margareta Spajić, Ines Vlahović Mazinjanin

STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Statički studio - Branka Baričić

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING IPZ-elektroinženjering 22 - Branko Čorko

PLUMBING AND DRAINAGE Avoka-Ing - Vedran Vrabec

MECHANICAL INSTALLATIONS Bramini - Miroslav Janičijević

PHOTOGRAPHY Domagoj Blažević

LINKS Abilia