Poreč Waterfront
project, Poreč, 2016.

The area of Poreč waterfront runs along the coastline from the Palazzo Hotel at the top of the Poreč peninsula to the sports harbor breakwater and the public beach on the Sv. Lovro cape. This central urban area was divided into three zones. Projects for the re-design of the zones were made by three teams of authors: Kostrenčić i Krebel, Urbis and 3LHD.
Zone C, designed by 3LHD, covers the area from the roundabout to the public beach and Sv. Lovro cape. Major users of this central space are pedestrians. The level of quality and comfort of space usage for them was achieved by opening vistas, designing clear and continuous routes and adding public amenities. In order to create a safer and more pleasant space the "shared street" concept was introduced - a contemporary urban approach to public space design, that minimizes the division of space to pedestrian and vehicular. The functioning of the currently operational coast harbor remained unchanged. The concept of the proposed solution aims to integrate different contents in a way that enables a smooth visual and physical communication between individual zones, while the differentiation of content remains clear. Implementation of the project is conceived in stages.
The functional and height difference between the coast harbor and the promenade is achieved by an object of tectonic form that accommodates public and commercial premises. A park and a square with a cascading auditorium on three levels are designed in the continuation. The space can take on a variety of purposes depending on user needs, time of the year etc.
The existing tree-lined "viale" space has a high landscape value but it is outdated. Therefore, it was reconstructed and integrated into the overall design. New urban equipment designed for gathering, rest and contemplation is placed within the zone. The existing parking space is re-designed into a ?park-ing? ? a parking area with a multitude of greenery and shade adapted for uninterrupted pedestrian movement. A new city canopy will be built on the site of today?s shopping kiosks. Defining the quality of the urban equipment, the products that will be sold and the way they are presented raises the quality of the tourist offer. The canopy is designed as a multifunctional facility. Cultural, sports, music and other events can be organized under it. A similar flexible and covered space currently does not exist in the city. It is an integral part of the promenade, providing shade and protection from the elements and allowing a longer season of use.
The new marina building will include a reception and accompanying premises (offices, commercial spaces etc.) and two restaurants. It is an extension of the city promenade, it enables pedestrian passage on the first floor, allows attractive vistas of the old town and a smooth communication toward the public beach.

PROJECT NAME Poreč Waterfront


PROGRAM public

STATUS project

LOCATION Croatia, Poreč, Obala Maršala Tita

CLIENT City of Poreč

PROJECT TEAM Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Silvije Novak, Irena Mažer Hranuelli, Iva Peručić, Jure Živković