Kajzerica City Stadium
project, Zagreb, 2008.

The city stadium Kajzerica in Novi Zagreb represents a new landmark in the city.
The stadium, which seats more than 50.000 spectators, is located on an elevated plateau next to the sports and recreational zone of the racetracks and it dominates the surrounding area, the green zone of Sava and Bundek. The stadium is visible from all surrounding areas on both sides of the Sava River.
The coverage area is divided into three zones, consistent with the project's program, and into three phases, consistent with the financial framework of construction.
The northern zone, the first building zone, enables the undisturbed building of the stadium, independent of the surrounding settlements, parcels and Zagrebački Velesajam. The middle zone, the second building phase is crucial for the development of the stadium because this is where different services will be situated, as well as the infrastructural elements used by all three zones (public garages, bus parking and similar). The southern zone, i.e. the third building phase, encompasses the whole area of Velesajam and all of its buildings. It is for the construction of new businesses, commercial and residential buildings as well as a new commercial center. Within the newly formed cassettes - "blocks" there will be hotels, a congress center, business centers and obligatory residential areas. Integration of these elements ensures livelihood of the new center and brings a long-awaited downtown feeling and an opportunity for socialization to Novi Zagreb.
The inspiration for the circular arena came from several suitable forms; the so-called Magnus effect, one of the most difficult and attractive moves in soccer which occurs when a ball changes its course, the name of the neighborhood "kajzerica", which is a name for a certain kind of a bun whose shape is reflected in the stadium. In the context of a contemporary sports arena, this design evokes the saying from ancient times about "bread and circuses".

PROJECT NAME Kajzerica City Stadium


PROGRAM public, sport, business

STATUS project

PROJECT 2008-2008

LOCATION Croatia, Zagreb, Kajzerica/Hipodrom

CLIENT City of Zagreb


PROJECT TEAM Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Silvije Novak, Tin Kavurić, Irena Mažer Hranuelli, Krunoslav Szoersen, Dragana Šimić, Matija Crnogorac

PROJECT TEAM COLLABORATORS Ljiljana Đorđević, Vibor Granić, Jelena Mance, Ana Šafar

STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb - Josip Dvornik, Josip Atalić, Sanja Hak, Marta Šavor, Mario Uroš, Damir Lazarević

TRAFFIC PLANNING CONSULTANT Faculty of Civil Engineering in Zagreb - Damir Pološki, Željko Stepan

URBAN PLANNING Institut IGH d.d. PC Split - Dražen Pejković

MECHANICAL INSTALLATIONS Termoinženjering projektiranje - Tomo Planinić

PLUMBING AND DRAINAGE Projektni biro - grijanje - Srđan Grujić

SPRINKLER INSTALLATION APIN projekt - Branimir Cindori

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING IPZ-elektroinženjering 22 - Branko Čorko

ACOUSTICS Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb - Hrvoje Domitrović

LIGHTING DESIGN Nova-lux - Zlatko Galić


GRAPHIC DESIGN Numen/For Use - Jelenko Hercog

PHOTOGRAPHY Sandro Lendler