Poreč Green Forum
project, Porec, 2007.

In the center of the town of Poreč, important Croatian tourist destination in Istrian peninsula, there is a large vacant space. This large space of the town parking lot has exceptional potential, because of the nearby old town and the Adriatic Sea, the pedestrian hub, the town access roads and the other city contact zones. Clearly defined contact zones make it possible to turn the specified location into a big public urban space. Concept of the Green Forum try to unify and emphasize large and uniform green surface, which is full of content and which will becomes a main public town space. This space is suggesting openness and free flow above and below ground. Below the green area there is a large parking lot, its size varying with seasons. A part of the parking lot is used outside the season as a public indoor space - a Hall for various public events; other parts of the curved surface include business and commercial contents. The public contents above ground are primarily used to meet the public needs of the town, but also to retain citizens and visitors. The Park has a uniform shape and enough functional complexity to be used throughout the year. Terraces of catering facilities, courts for squash, beach volleyball and basketball, a children´s playground, as well as various other attractors, offer diverse space uses and experiences to visitors. The tourism development strategy of Istria defines Poreč as an entertainment town. This concept of the Green Forum goes hand in hand with that strategy and makes such a public space suitable for all the important events - fairs, carnivals, celebrations, festivals, open-air concerts, processions... This project will turn Poreč into a major fair venue in the region.

PROJECT NAME Green Forum Poreč


PROGRAM public, sport, infrastructure, urban planning

STATUS project

LOCATION Croatia, Porec, Mlinska Street - Somogy County Street

SITE AREA 21332 m²



PROJECT TEAM Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Silvije Novak, Ivana Dabrović, Ivana Žuanić, Damir Gamulin , Ines Hrdalo