eDU Park
project, Dubrovnik, 2007.

The context of Dubrovnik is always burdened by the iconic image of the old city. The picture/postcard known everywhere is a brand and a money-making fact that will always bring people/tourists in to the city. Independent and free Dubrovnik Republic was famous through history not only by its physical/built environment but also by its intellectual and cultural elite. In the past a lot of builders (M.Michelozzi, J.Dalamtinac), scientists (R.Boskovic, I.Supek) and poets (M.Drzic, I.Gundulic) were citizens of Dubrovnik and their contribution was important not only for the city but to the whole Europe and the world. That kind of cultural/intellectual layering is missing today. Nowadays, (mass) tourism is a fact and one of the most important economical contributors to the local and Croatian budget. That fact and the "problem" of prolonging the money fruitful summer is a subject of our project. Project proposes the reconstruction of the abandoned old hospital site by inserting new educational and public program in breathtaking Natural Park thus creating new cultural density and social structure for the old city of Dubrovnik. A beautiful pine forest 200 meters from old city on the natural sea cliff 50 meters above the sea and 30m high boles and green treetops above are like green clouds covering the whole site. There are abandoned hospital facilities - pavilions in the park, some housing, old church with a graveyard, public beach on the cliffs and small Public Park on the site today. By transformation of the site and opening of this whole area we are increasing open/public spaces of Dubrovnik and by introducing New (Intellectual/Cultural) Tourism we are making space for planed University facilities: faculties of Humanistic and Social Sciences, Music and Art.

PROJECT NAME eDU Park Dubrovnik


PROGRAM public, culture, education, urban planning

STATUS project

LOCATION Croatia, Dubrovnik, Park Gradac / Old Hospital


PROJECT TEAM Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Silvije Novak, Silke Fischer, Iva Marčetić, Iskra Kirin, Ines Hrdalo