Development Study Bale
project, Bale, 2004.

With its extraordinary natural and cultural assets Bale Municipality can be developed in a variety of ways that would lead to improving the region and the well-being of its inhabitants ? elaborates this strategic development. The main interest of the local population was to protect the coastline from overbuilding and to find a strategy for the sustainable development of the whole district.
These are the proposed elements of building the brand identity found in the region:
- Bale: the region of native Buža olives
- Bale: the region of dinosaurs and paleontology
- Bale: the region of unique traditional lodgings - stancija
- Bale: the region of butterflies
- Bale: residence of the Venetian Bembo family
The first phase of the study has been conceived as a commercial about the vision for the future of Bale. It consists of six stories presenting new capacities incorporated into the environment, about fortresses and inns converted into tourist accommodation, about the protected medieval town of Bale, the dinosaur museum and theme park, recreation zones and a multimedia centre dedicated to the butterflies. The population, the local authorities and the Ministry of Zoning and Physical Planning of the Republic of Croatia have fully accepted the study and the development plan it provides. We believe that it presents one of the possible development models that can also be applied to other local communities throughout Croatia. The plan protects the natural landscape and its resources and does not encourage major new construction projects. Tourism and progress are not a process which can be stopped, however they can be controlled.

PROJECT NAME Development Study Bale


PROGRAM urban planning, hospitality

STATUS project

PROJECT 2004-2005

LOCATION Croatia, Bale

SITE AREA 81650000 m²

CLIENT Bale municipality