Čakovec City Centre Study
project, Čakovec, 2013.

3LHD urban architectural study for the Čakovec centre includes three spatial units that make up the Republic Square and the adjoining parking spaces, in terms of urban development and future investments extremely interesting MTČ industrial complex, and the Zrinski Park. The main task of the study was to examine and provide the options and urban content tools which would enable the revitalization of the city centre in an integrated way, and clearly link all three units into one homogeneous and articulated urban environment.
Republic Square is the main town square with a number of events; it is a rich public space with a wide variety of users. Cultural purpose buildings strongly define its northern side, while the south is dissipated and undefined. A building of public social character - the new city administration building is planned on the south side of the square. It is intended to be a meeting place between the government and the citizens in the 3LHDs study, a symbol of open dialogue with public facilities located on the ground floor ant the offices on the first floor. A New Town Café is located on the west side of the building, overlooking the park and greenery, and recreation spaces for children are placed on the northern side. A restaurant with a view of the entire city will be located on the top floor.
The MTČ Industrial Zone remained closed to the surrounding area because of its original purpose. Its transformation if conceived in phases, from breaking the fence and service facilities to achieve a greater flow of pedestrian traffic and connect with the space of the park, re-purposing the individual buildings into a market and a business and recreation centre, to the construction of residential towers surrounded by greenery. This "newly won" urban space is designed to attract a minimum of cars and has a strongly branched out network of pedestrian and biking trails.
Zrinski Park forms the western border of the Republic Square and is, along with the old city, the strongest cultural and historical symbol of Čakovec city identity. Today it is an inadequately articulated, in some places even degraded compared to its former state. The transformation of the MTČ complex will open new vistas and create contact points with the park, and his entire periphery area will be revived with restaurants and entertainment contents.

PROJECT NAME Čakovec City Centre Study


PROGRAM public, urban planning

STATUS project

PROJECT 2013-2013


LOCATION Croatia, Čakovec


PROJECT TEAM Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Silvije Novak, Tomislav Soldo, Vibor Granić, Duje Katić