Bus Terminal Žabica


45°19'41'' N
14°26'8'' E
Krešimir street - Žabica square - Produžena Riva

The project for the new bus terminal and a garage for over 800 cars in Rijeka is one of the first steps in the "conquest" of the Rijeka port area, which is slowly begining to open up the city. 
The terminal is located in a part of the port of Rijeka which has always been closed to the public, between the railway stations, freight terminals and the passenger ferry. One of the determining design factors is the difference in scale between the port warehouses on one side and the city blocks on the other. 

The new terminal building, with a length of 225 meters, evokes the massiveness of a warehouse, while urban blocks determine the height dimensions and divide the structure into zones - blocks with atriums.
The area around the new terminal is surrounded by various types of traffic - railway, freight, port, road, and pedestrian, so the new building infrastructure has become an urban strategy, much more than just architecture.

Inside the building, there is a bus terminal with 14 platforms, 6 bus parking lots, a public garage for over 800 vehicles, a shopping center with accompanying hospitality and commercial facilities on the ground floor, as well as business and public facilities on higher floors.

Pedestrian access points are provided from Krešimirova street, newly designed Žabica square and the prolonged Riva street, and they are all connected at the street level of the building, from which they move on higher levels. An accessible and quality pedestrian island of the bus terminal was created through the design process, with access to all of the platforms and no overlapping with the vehicular traffic. 

The construction and the facade are made of steel and a kind of a tribute to port cranes and constructions. They also allow a greater construction span and a better design of spaces.

Fact Sheet

Project name

Bus Terminal Žabica

project number



public, infrastructure, office


under construction


2008 -


2023 - 2025


Croatia, Rijeka, Krešimir street - Žabica square - Produžena Riva

Site area

14810 m²


55246 m²


10244 m²


1.10 m




Best in Parking

Project Team

Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Silvije Novak, Paula Kukuljica, Tin Kavurić, Krunoslav Szoersen, Dragana Šimić, Ivana Šajn, Denis Hrvatin, Nina Žaja, Ana Mikelić, Hana Kevilj, Dario Kristić, Joško Kotula, Tomislav Soldo, Antonia Dajak

Project team collaborators

Irena Mažer Hranuelli, Paula Kukuljica, Željko Mohorović, Ivan Milonja, Lucija Staničić


Studio 3LHD - Mario Harni, Branimir Turčić

Structural Engineering

i.t.t. - Saša Mitrović; Palijan - Ivan Palijan

Mechanical Installations

Termoinženjering projektiranje - Branko Šegotić, Neven Budija

Plumbing and Drainage

Projektni biro - grijanje - Srđan Grujić; Hit-projekt - Slavko Šimunović

Electrical Engineering

Bojan Vukušić; IPZ-elektroinženjering 22 - Branko Čorko

Fire Protection / Strategy / Safety Project

TERMOZOP PROJEKT - Željko Stipković

Health&Safety project

TERMOZOP PROJEKT - Goran Stipković; Zavod za zaštitu na radu Rijeka - Ivica Babić

Deep foundation and foundation pit protection project

Geotech - Mirko Grošić; Institut IGH d.d. PC Rijeka - Željko Arbanas

Traffic Planning Project

C5 Koncept - Boris Leović; Institut IGH d.d. PC Rijeka - Kristina Banić, Višnja Gudac

Building Physics, Details

Mateo Biluš

Bill of Quantities

Forel projekt - Lucija Ivas

Landscape design

OpOp studio - Željko Radišić


PPN projekt - Rok Pietri

Sprinkler installation

APIN projekt


Construction site

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