Bale Shoreline Development Study
project, Istria, 2007.

The subject of this development study is the coastal area of Bale municipality which covers the surface area of 450 ha. The pristine natural beauty of the Bale shoreline is undeniable. Its well-indented coast, numerous coves and beaches, lush vegetation, scenic rural landscapes; and architectural and archeological heritage make the region one of Croatia´s best-kept secrets.
Bale Shoreline Development Study is based on the concept of active yet environmentally friendly tourism. Special attention is paid to the positioning and sizing of each proposed facility due to area´s unique features.
The area will cater to both day visitors and longer-term tourists who will be staying in local accommodation facilities. The entire shoreline zone is planned as a high-end destination of four- to five-star category. There will be two points for entering the Bale shoreline and the main means of public transport will be the electric train, as well as electric carts and bicycles.
All the facilities will be opened to the public and there will be no private lodgings. The planned accommodation capacity of the entire zone is 1,800 beds, with an ability to receive approximately 3,000 day visitors. This results in a low-density tourism where each person enjoys approximately 0.1 ha and 1.8 sqm of the shore all to oneselves.
The most of the accommodation facilities are planned to be in three new hotels positioned 700 meters off the coast.
Three recreational-entertainment centers will be geared toward different consumers
The coast will be a place for three new recreational-entertainment centers, and the valley will be a place for scientific-educational center. A signature 18-hole golf course is proposed for the Barbariga fortification area, fortification Benedetto will be retrofitted into a cultural center, and Fort Forno will be converted into a premium-priced hotel and spa center. Designing plans also include a botanical garden, beaches, an equestrian center, an airfield for hot-air balloons, a diving center, and a reconstruction of an olive grove from the 16th century, small churches and lookouts.
The goal is to offer a series of diverse yet complimentary activities, with programs and architecture that fit into the cultural context and environment of the Bale shoreline.

PROJECT NAME Bale Shoreline Development Study


PROGRAM urban planning, hospitality

STATUS project

PROJECT 2006-2007

LOCATION Croatia, Istria, Bale Shoreline

CLIENT Bale municipality


PROJECT TEAM Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Silvije Novak, Željko Mohorović, Iva Marčetić, Iskra Kirin



FEASIBILITY STUDY Hotel Partner d.o.o.