The Oris days in Ljubljana

17. June 2006

The Cankarjev Dom in Ljubljana hosted the "Ljubljana Oris Days" on 17 June 2006; this is an architectural symposium which for several years now has brought together architects, students of architecture, and those professionally connected to architecture.The one-day gathering presented five authors and studios, including the Studio 3LHD. Saša Begović gave a lecture "3LHD eXperience, 1994 - 1006 overview". The Studio presented the overview of its work since their establishment to the present day, as well as the current projects, with the stress of the design and the layout of the Split waterfront ? the Riva. Together 3LHD, Caramel Architekten (Vienna, Austria), Elias Torres (Barcelona, Spain), Maruša Zorec (Ljubljana, Slovenia) and Wolfgang Tschapeller (Vienna, Austria) also presented their work and their view of architecture.The Oris Days in Zagreb have been organised by the Arhitekst company since 2001, and the Ljubljana gathering is the continuation of the concept where the visual presentations of the work by renowned world authors and their lectures have the objective to educate and exchange ideas. 
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