Marko Dabrović participant at the "What Housing Policy Do We Need?" conference

26. March 2024

In Split, on March 25th, a conference titled "What Housing Policy Do We Need?" was held, organized by Slobodna Dalmacija and the Croatian Chamber of Economy (Hrvatska Gospodarska Komora - HGK). Marko Dabrović was one of the panellists discussing the topic "Possible Solutions and Models for Affordable Housing." Joining him in the discussion were Mato Franković, the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Jakov Vetma, the Mayor of Klis municipality, and Josipa Tokić, the Deputy Director of the Real Estate Agency for Legal Transactions and Mediation. The conference aimed to present the National Housing Policy Plan and to discuss key aspects of housing policy and its future implementation. Discussions revolved around issues of affordable housing, solutions, and positive experiences of cities and municipalities. Some of the questions addressed included the impact of increased demand for housing on construction timelines, inflation, its effect on the prices of design services, and construction costs in general.