Urban renewal of Croatian cities in the context of the New European Bauhaus initiative

Urania, Zagreb

21. February 2022

A public forum aimed at examining the potential synergy and utilization of the New European Bauhaus initiative in the urban renewal of Croatian cities took place on February 21st in the Urania. The forum included invited participants from ministries, the City of Zagreb, the University of Zagreb, the Society of Architects Zagreb, the Association of Croatian Architects, professional and economic chambers, the economic and financial sector, and citizens' associations.
The first part of the event comprised three lectures, in which speakers, as part of the given challenge, "How can the New European Bauhaus contribute to the urban renewal of Croatian cities?" presented their previous projects and works related to the topic and addressed the given challenge. Following this, a moderated discussion took place with the invited participants.
One of the speakers was Marko Dabrović, who presented 3LHD's projects that have dealt with the theme of urban renewal of cities.