The 5th Balkan Biennial of Architecture BAB 21

Kino Balkan, Belgrade

08. December 2021

The 5th Balkan Biennale of Architecture (BAB) took place from December 8th to 16th, 2021, at the Balkan Cinema in Belgrade. The theme of the 5th BAB in 2021 was "Iconic Nomad in Global Village." The host country was the Republic of Croatia. The selector for Croatian architecture, responsible for the selection of works, authors, and lecturers from Croatia, was Professor Saša Begović (3LHD).
Over 350 works from authors across the entire Balkan region were exhibited at the Biennale. The goal of BAB is to bring together and connect prominent figures from related fields of urbanism, architecture, and design from different yet regionally interconnected environments. The purpose of this international event is to showcase and promote examples of good practice and to stimulate discussions on crucial topics for the economy and the profession.
Balkan architects and designers presented their work in five exhibition categories: architecture, urbanism, unrealized projects, interior design, and furniture design. As part of this year's BAB exhibition, works from the International Architectural Competition "ArXellence 2" were also featured. This competition was realized in collaboration with the company Alumil and the International Union of Architects (UIA), conducted in close cooperation with the ICC Council of the UIA according to the UNESCO standards for architectural competitions.