Presentation of the Gredelj study in DAZ

16. November 2022

A presentation of the Urban Revitalization Study for the former Gredelj Railway Vehicle Factory was held at the DAZ premises today at 6 p.m. Participants were invited to attend the presentation and roundtable discussion. The presentation was led by Marko Dabrović and Vedrana Likan, introducing the comprehensive study and engaging in discussions about the future of the Gredelj area during the roundtable with participants such as Luka Korlaet, Lana Križaj, Sunčana Rapaić, Dražen Arbutina, and the Office for Strategy.
All members of the study's development consortium, representatives of the City of Zagreb (Deputy Mayor, Office for Economy and Strategy, and the Institute for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Monuments), and related government bodies (Croatian Railways, Government, Ministries of Economy, Infrastructure, Construction and Culture, Croatian Chamber of Economy, Croatian Employers' Association) were invited, along with the interested professional public.
This initiative has provided a crucial platform for dialogue on the future of the Gredelj area, fostering collaboration among various stakeholders and experts, and laying the foundation for further development and revitalization of this space.