Lecture at 196+ forum Milan

16. April 2023

At the latest edition of the 196+ Forum in Milan, held on April 16th and 17th, Marko Dabrović delivered a lecture on the panel dedicated to the "Future of Resort Design." Marko presented the current projects of the company and delved deeper into topics related to hospitality and tourism technology. Special emphasis was placed on managing ESG factors, including accessibility, and the importance of collaboration in contemporary architecture.
This event stands as one of the leading gatherings in the investment, architecture, and design industry within the hospitality sector, aiming to build bridges between different industries. Each year, the forum brings together a diverse range of participants, including investors, developers, operators, architects, designers, and innovative minds from other sectors. Dabrović's lecture and participation in the panel added richness to the discussion on the future of resort design and its integration with technology and other key factors in the industry.