Holidays after the fall Rijeka

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

01. January 2015

The exhibition about Modernist Hotels and Resorts at the Croatian Adriatic, first shown in Graz in 2012 and in Berlin 2013, will be on display in MMSU (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) Rijeka from March 5th to 25th this year. Maroje Mrduljas, architecture critic from Zagreb, will curate and moderate 2 panels around the days of the opening: one with the architects involved in the 1960s and 1970s, like Milovan Kovačević, Ante Rožić, Darko Turato (senior); and a second one with current protagonists: like the architects Zoran Balog, Ivo Kunst, 3LHD, and ex-activists from Pulska grupa.