Continuity of Modernity, Vienna

Wiener Stadtishe Versicherung

01. January 2007

The exhibition "Avant-garde & Continuity" is opened on 5 July in Vienna showing more than thirty projects from the most prolific periods of architectural history in Croatia, beginning with the 1930s till today. Wiener Städtishe Versicherung and Oris magazine organized the exhibition that presents architecture projects of the three periods of Croatian architecture as a result of special conditions.

The 1930s and 1940s are covered by a dozen of projects of then young architects that set the foundations of modernism. House Arko by Albini, Napredak Building by Planić, Blažeković Villa by Ibler, Kraus Villa by Weissmann and modernist villas Novakova Street are exhibited in this context.

The extraordinarily creative and fertile 1950s and 1960s period represent works by Albini, Vitić, Galić and Haberle.

The contemporary architecture is represented by some thirty projects, among which are the Memorial Bridge in Rijeka by 3LHD, kindergarden Vedri dani by Miroslav Geng, Contemporary Art Museum by Igor Franić, housing project in Krapinske toplice by Iva Letiović and Morana Vlahović, and Sea Organ in Zadar by Nikola Bašić.

The exhibition "Avant-garde & Continuity" is opened till 14 September.6 July -14 September 2007 (opening 5 July 2007 at 18.30), Wiener Städtishe Versicherung, 1010 Vienna, Schottenring 30Organizers: Wiener Städtishe Versicherung, Vienna and ORIS Magazine , Zagreb

Curators: Adolph Stiller, Vera Grimmer, Tadej Glažar, Maroje Mrduljaš, Andrija Rusan