Common Sense & Sensibility

National Library

01. January 2012

The exhibition Common Sense and Sensibility as a part of the Belgrade Design Week 2012 will be open at the National Library in Belgrade on Wednesday 06.06.2012 at 20:00. Among 14 Croatian design brands and 40 selected products the exhibition will also present the Lone Hotel, the first Croatian design hotel. The exhibition will illustrate a milestone in the history of Croatian contemporary product design, placing it in a much more mature and serious social and market context. Agenda Design magazine and curator Tatjana Bartakovic imagined this exhibition as an export project of Croatian knowledge and design culture, culture of manufacture, sales and exports. Except in Belgrade, the exhibition will be presented in the Forum Gallery in Zagreb 27.06.-06. 07.2012, and this summer 14. 07. - 15.08.2012 as a sales exhibition in Gallery Loggia in Hvar, for the first time offering tourists the original Croatian design.