Swiss International Wuji Mountain Resort
project on board, Wuyishan, 2014.

The main inspiration for the design concept of the Wuji Mountain Resort was the unique beauty of its future site. Three cascading hills present on the site are shaped by the beautiful landscape of Tea Fields that surround them. They offer unbelievable views of the Wuyi Mountains, Chinas' UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Volume of the resort is determined by the site topography and placed between the Tea Fields. Its total area is 37000m2, and it gently follows the hills curves. Special attention was given to the views of the Wuji mountains from all of the rooms and villas, as well as the preservation of the Fields and their inclusion in the future resort landscape.
Main entrance to the site is placed in the middle of the western entrance road, from where it leads to the main hotel building on the left and the villas on the right. All hotel public spaces start on the entrance level and have a 360°view of the surroundings. The entrance lobby area, full of greenery, gradually cascades towards northwest and the outdoor pools embedded in the sloping landscape. Transition between outdoor and indoor spaces is softened by the use of vegetation, which is present throughout the entire hotel and is one of its key features. Three sides of the Y-shape volume are determined by three different functions, starting with the entrance lobby and the banquet Hall on the east side, restaurants on the south side and the spa and wellness area on the northwest side. All of the 276 accommodation units are situated on the levels above the public spaces. The gentle facade curves and light balcony rails form a continuous zone of terraces, opening up the interior towards the landscape while, at the same time, protecting the privacy between levels. They form a distinctive exterior aesthetic of the hotel. Most of the hotel rooms are oriented towards the Wuyi Mountains.
Resort villas, whose total area is 10000m2, are placed on the other, east side of the site. They are placed in the valleys between the three hills, intertwined with the Tea Fields. The villas cut into the hills with their volumes. Their open space floor plans are centered around a main staircase. They have large terraces with eaves and large glass openings to better capture the views on all sides of the plot.

PROJECT NAME Swiss International Wuji Mountain Resort


PROGRAM hospitality

STATUS project on board

LOCATION China, Wuyishan

SITE AREA 80596 m²



PROJECT TEAM Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Silvije Novak, Leon Lazaneo, Kristina Marković, Krunoslav Szoersen, Dragana Šimić