project, Xi´an, 2006.

The New Silk Road is the future cultural theme park in the city of Xi´An, one of the Chinese imperial centres having intention of becoming cultural centre of China. The project is a competition work for an international architectural contest. Reflecting the historical importance of the Silk Road on the cultural exchange between Asia and Europe, New Silk Road project explores the contemporary influence of the global communication and travelling onto culture intertwining. The new location was planned to have 9 distinct areas with 9 houses ? that would represent 9 regions of the Silk Road territory; Scandinavia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Mediterranean in Europe, Middle East territory and finally China.
The task was to make a project that would define the region that it represents (3LHD represents Eastern Europe destination), its cultural and historical context, reference to the surrounding parts of the park/regions and reference to the bordering town matrix of Xi´an. The area of Eastern Europe has always been the geopolitical crossroad of nations, cultures, knowledge and technologies, an area of constant change. Therefore, similar to the semipermeable membrane character of the geographical and political situation of Eastern Europe was the 3LHD approach to the concept of the House respresenting Eastern Europe. The multifunctional object is planned to be in accord with the given context. Topography, landscape, climate, space and atmosphere are unified in sustainable organism under green roof. The building is defined by the combination of natural and artificial "landscape". Emphasised horizontal form and continuity of space suggests openness and accessibility. The 23 000m2 house consists of Theatre with 500 seating places, indoor and outdoor Exhibition rooms, Library, Archive and a small apartment section.



PROGRAM public, culture, education, hospitality

STATUS project

LOCATION PR China, Xi´an

PROJECT TYPE international competition, 12. June 2007

CLIENT Xi'an Qujiang New District Administrative Committee


PROJECT TEAM Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Silvije Novak, Irena Mažer Hranuelli, Krunoslav Szoersen, Andrea Vukojić