Cultural Centre Sv Nedelja
project, Sveta Nedelja, 2014.

The future Cultural Centre and its supporting facilities are located on the edge of Sv.Nedelja city centre. The location includes undeveloped lots at the end of the construction zone. It is surrounded by a cultivated meadow at the foot of the city hill. In a broader sense it represents numerous and diverse natural resources: arable land, orchards, dried out ponds, grass, trees.
In the wider area there are spatial and architectural accents - the parish church of St. Trinity with an old townhouse, Napoleons' inn, Crkvenjak building, chapel of St. Rocco, all complemented by the surrounding landscape and the remains of the historic church garden with fruit trees and a pond. A recently built street of extends in a north-south direction and connects the location with the city centre.
The basis for the conceptual solution of the project was the already established Sv.Nedelja town planning which needs to be optimized and upgraded through new routes and paths. Existing automotive traffic is marginal and the new plan stops it in the western and the eastern edge of the site in order to allow direct contact of the planned program with the meadow area. Pedestrians, depending on their intent, travel and move through the site in several ways: they access the programs and pass them, go through the meadow randomly (walking, picking flowers) or move concentrated on a single intent (guests in the hotel bar, readers in the library). Therefore, the existing matrix of arable land in the area of the meadow has been recognized as a valuable and inspiring basis for the creation of the park program.
The building of the Sv.Nedelja Cultural Centre is placed next to the existing Health Centre building, on the east side of the slope. A 4* category hotel is planned on the western part of the site, with additional commercial facilities restricted to an optimal level due to the limitations of the plot. The existing Health Centre building is thus treated as an equal part of the newly formed group. A new image of the Sv.Nedelja town with a new focal point is formed, as on a postcard, with a sequence of panoramic plans. In that image, the Cultural Centre naturally occupies the hill, while reaffirming its topography. The building is a unique volume with large openings that frame the valuable view and draw the landscape into the interior. The hotel, on the contrary, is being embedded in the slope to fit the scale of the surrounding construction.
In this concept the meadow is an important part of the towns' public spaces, but it takes on a special value in the interaction with the centre and the hotel - it complements the new programs by entering into their hallways and interiors.
In terms of landscaping the meadow is designed dynamically - it changes its appearance, color and scents according to the vegetative seasons, all in the existing arable land matrix.

PROJECT NAME Cultural Centre Sv Nedelja


PROGRAM public, culture

STATUS project

LOCATION Croatia, Sveta Nedelja

SITE AREA 11289 m²




CLIENT City of Sveta Nedelja


PROJECT TEAM Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Silvije Novak, Koraljka Brebrić Kleončić, Vibor Granić, Jure Živković, Maja Milojević, Matija Romić

VISUALIZATIONS Zvonimir Pavković