Bundek Bridge
project, Zagreb, 2008.

Bundek Bridge is the new landmark that connects north and south of Zagreb, simultaneously incorporating the Sava River. 
The bridge is 664 meters long and 35 meters wide. The main goal was to design a bridge that, in the broader urban architectural context of the river Sava, would create a new gateway into the city that would be easily recognizable but at the same time have an unobtrusive identity. One of the main elements of this identity is the design of tram tracks that, unlike other bridges, run through the bridge's insides and not on its surface. The design of the bridge aims to reflect the time and place of its creation. The reason for choosing beams as the main construction and design element is primarily to honor the tradition of Zagreb's bridges in the central zone of Sava River. The bent cross-section of the bridge gives it lightness and dynamism, and the play of light and shadow in its cross-section make it more elegant.
The bridge's truss is perforated with continuous triangle-shaped "holes" that have multiple functions; from providing light for the pedestrian zone and enabling easier construction, to creating an integral dynamic line that makes this bridge unique and recognizable. The number of perforations becomes smaller as the bridge nears the levees and grows toward the middle of the span - i.e. the Sava's bed.   The new approach to designing the bridge is evident in the cross-section of supporters and constructive elements as well as the elements of the urban outfitting of the bridge and elevators.
There are two faces of this bridge: in sunlight when the outer part of the truss is illuminated and the pedestrian zone is shadowed, and the night aspect of the arch when the bridge is lighted from within and the dynamic line of "holes" is fully accentuated. The lighting in general is designed in such a way that it visually accentuates the bridge?s dynamic. Special attention is given to pedestrians and bicyclists whose communication is thus enabled on two levels, on the upper plateau and on the sides, which are protected from atmospheric elements. The pedestrian way joins Bundek with the southern and northern levee.

PROJECT NAME Bundek Bridge


PROGRAM public, infrastructure

STATUS project

PROJECT 2008-2008

LOCATION Hrvatska, Zagreb

PROJECT TYPE invited competition, 6. May 2008


CLIENT City of Zagreb

AUTHOR Zlatko Šavor (GF), Gordana Hrelja (GF), 3LHD

PROJECT TEAM Zlatko Šavor, Gordana Hrelja, Marko Dabrović, Željko Mohorović


GRAPHIC DESIGN Numen/For Use - Jelenko Hercog